ВНИМАНИЕ: Пращайте ни биткойни с висока такса

Ако продавате биткойн, пращайте ни биткойн с такса поне 0.0005 биткойна, иначе ще чакате много...

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Crypto.bg offers the easiest way to buy or sell crypto currencies in Bulgaria. Just read this short guide to grasp the idea and leave the rest to our wizard. Even though we talk about bitcoin below, everything is valid for any other crypto currency we are offering.


You can automatically buy or sell bitcoins up to a total of 2000 leva per transaction with Crypto.bg.

You can pay with your debit or credit card on (almost any ATM in Bulgaria following these steps: How to use B-PAY.

Alternatively, you can pay or get paid in cash at one of the thousands EasyPay cash desks in Bulgaria.

Last but not least, you can choose to be paid online into your ePay Microaccount from where you can use the money in numerous ways.

Should you need to use another payment option or transact more than 2000 leva, please get in touch with us (see the contact info in the footer). We offer bank transfer, econt, skrill, neteller, and some others but we might need one-time, full verification from you.

Purchasing bitcoins

In order to buy bitcoins, you need to own a bitcoin wallet. Please copy your bitcoin address in the memory of your mobile phone or computer prior to starting the purchase so that you can easily paste it in the respective field. You can read about crypto wallets in the FAQ section.

The easiest way to buy bitcoin is to go to an ATM machine or EasyPay desk, open the site on your mobile phone and follow the steps. If you do it from home, you will have 20 minutes to make the payment after you send the order.

IMPORTANT: We route all transactions to one of the big bitcoin exchanges only after we receive your payment. Should the price have changed in the meantime so that we would lose money on the transaction, we won't be able to buy the bitcoins for you. In such a case, we will contact you per email and inquire about how you want to proceed: have your payment reimbursed or receive an adjusted amount of bitcoins.

For this reason, please always enter a valid email address and use the site only when the bitcoin markets are calm.

We hope you understand that this allows us to offer the best possible rates for you.

Sale of bitcoins

You best sell bitcoins to us from the comfort of your home. We show you an address to which you send the bitcoins and after 3 confirmations we send the money to EasyPay for you to collect, or into your account. In the latter case, please wait another 30 minutes before visiting the EasyPay desk, as they need this time to process your payment.

IMPORTANT: As explained above, we hedge all our transactions with one of the leading bitcoin exchanges. When you sell bitcoins, we sell the same amount right after we detect your payment in the blockchain. Should the bid rate have changed so much that we would lose on this transaction, we shall automatically return the coins to the address we received it from and inform you about this per email.

When something goes wrong

We created this site to make your life easier, not harder. Should you run into an unexpected problem, do not worry. As long as you do not give us wrong data, we won't let you lose money or coins.

After each order we show you a unique order number which we also send you per email. Just contact us with this number and we will find a solution.

Please refer to our F.A.Q. where you can learn more details on how to use our service.

Leva Payments

At the end of your order we show you a merchant number (60000) and an order number. Write this down, visit an ATM machine, choose from the menu "Other services", then B-Pay, then enter the two numbers above and then make the payment with your card.

While you are taking your card out of the ATM, your bitcoins will hit your wallet.

Just visit one of the EasyPay cash desks (map of them here), present the lady there with the two codes we have given to you and then pay in cash. You should get the coins into your bitcoin wallet before you manage to say Good-Bye to the lady.

Very soon you will be able to use your ePay microaccount to buy bitcoins from the comfort of your home, using your credit or debit card.

When selling bitcoins you can get the cash at any EasyPay point. For this purpose you need to provide us with your names and personal identification number which you verify with your personal id or passport with the lady at the desk and the money is yours.

This is a great way for someone to send you money in Bulgaria (or you to send to them) - just fill in his/her data and send us the coins. Cheap, anonymous, and fast money transfer at your fingertips.

You can specify an ePay micro-account number for us to send the money to. From there, you can use this money to shop online in most Bulgarian sites, to pay your utility bills, or to transfer it to your bank account.

Ask and you shall be given. We use most other popular payment methods but you need to get in contact with us (contacts on the footer).

You can use our automatic payment methods up to 2000 lv per order (or the limit of your card, if it is lower). For higher sums, get in touch.

Crypto wallets

You keep crypto currencies in so-called wallets. So you need one before you can purchase crypto currencies from us. If you intend to use our site with your mobile device, please make sure you copy your address in its memory before you start the order, so that you can easily paste it when we ask for it.

There are numerous wallets for bitcoin, so choose one here: Bitcoin wallets.

You can obtain the latest litecoin wallet from Litecoin's official site: https://litecoin.org/

Order processing

Our mission is to give you a quick and easy way to trade in and out of bitcoins and thus save you the hassle of account verification, money transfers, etc which you would have to go through if you chose to trade on the exchanges yourselves. We use the services of Kraken.com, which is also the bitcoin exchange of choice for Bloomberg. We charge between 1 and 2 percent on each trade, so that we can cover the costs associated with running this site and moving the fiat money across banking accounts.

We are not market makers, thus we do not trade against our users. We hedge every order instantaneously after we get your payment. Should there be a substantial movement of the prices on the exchange, so that we would lose money on the order, we will cancel your order and either reimburse you the money you paid, or ask you to renegotiate the trade.

Therefore, always give us a valid email, do not use the site when markets are volatile, and never send us coins from a wallet you do not own (like withdrawals from sites, such as exchanges, sports books, etc.)

Should you have any issues or inquiries about the site, please do not hesitate us to contact us.

We created Crypto.bg with a mission to give an easy access to anyone in Bulgaria to the world of crypto currencies. With it we give them freedom and independence of any financial intermediaries, banks, regulators, etc.

To this end we have strived to make our site as secure as possible and we guarantee all our users full security as long as they use the site as described in our Guide. Should you encounter any problem, or incur any immediate loss, we will cover those at our expense.

If you share those principles, we won't need to resort to the only formal term we ask you to accept: All interactions between "Online Gaming Solutions" Ltd and the users of Crypto.bg are governed by Bulgarian laws.

Thank you for trusting us.